What have other guests thought about the Beach Bach?

Arriving off the Friday night ferry, wrecks from our over-busy city business; our hosts whisked us over the hills to “The Beach Bach”, a gem of a place on a secret hideaway beach.

A quick meal and we crashed into that huge, comfy bed.  What bliss. What I want to know is how, when I opened the curtains to a perfect dawn, you’d arranged for that pod of dolphins in the bay?  I know hosts have been known to arrange some impressive stunts but that really was incredible.  It seemed crazy to be walking along the shoreline at dawn in June with a camera, but I just couldn’t stay in bed – romance could wait!

After lunch on the deck we traipsed all over the farm, learned the ways of mating Paradise Ducks, and generally marvelled that these stunning surroundings should be so close to the manic lives we live in Ponsonby. We were able to whip up a gourmet feast in the kitchen and pop open the bubbly as the full moon rose above the tide, which had returned to the edge of the deck. We watched the ebb and flow of the tide, before drifting off to snooze on that huge couch. Thank you both for a great weekend.

Rowena Yalland and Michael Draper, Michael Draper Design Ltd